Conveniently situated in Tallinn, Estonia, our TPN-assessed sound studios offer a complete range of services for your audiovisual project from the location right up to the final mix. Our sound mixers and sound designers have impressive track records and create extraordinary aural experiences for your audiovisual media.  In addition to catering to all your location recording and sound design needs, we also offer dubbing/ADR, Foley recording and audio restoration services.

Sound post-production

Location recording


Audio restoration and digitalization

Fresh from the studio


Accidentally bestowed with an incredible power he doesn’t fully understand, Sonic (Tõnis Niinemets) is hidden on earth for his own protection and given one rule: don’t ever let the world know you exist. But that’s not easy for a 15-year-old kid—especially one with Sonic’s attitude and abilities. Before long, he’s discovered by Tom (Jarmo Reha): a sarcastic, small-town cop with a big heart. Together, they team up for an incredible, action-packed adventure as they race across the world with the maniacal Dr. Robotnik (Priit Võigemast) and his mechanical creations hot on their trail.

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